Upgrading Legacy Applications to Decrease Technical Debt


When a national convenience store struggled with an endless heap of backlogged tasks, we deployed a SEQTEK team solely devoted to managing that backlog. The backlog was growing substantially due to an outdated legacy system that was in production. SEQTEK worked with this company to improve its internal application.

This core legacy application was developed in .NET Web Forms over 10 years ago. This meant it was difficult to maintain, add new features, and the technical debt was compounding. Additionally, incorporating the standard browser features and user experience expectations of today’s world was unrealistic. In short, this application was unable to be supported in a cost / time efficient manner but had a usable architecture.


When deciding to modernize your web applications or services, you may not need to fully re-architect apps. We decided to use the existing architecture to reduce cost & time while still completing a digital transition. This national convenience store trusted SEQTEK to transform this application using Angular & .NETCore. Although the application was a complete rewrite, SEQTEK implemented clean code architecture using current software design patterns resulting in a modern, low maintenance browser based application. This solution eliminated the growing technical debt and a long tail of maintenance that was stemming from their outdated application.


This project eliminated the stress on their internal development team, improved customer satisfaction, and required less maintenance. Search capabilities in the application became more efficient, resulting in fewer labor hours spent. Our client was able to position themselves for extensibility within the application with the improved architecture. Technical debt was removed that had resided in the legacy application & modern web patterns and clean code in the middle tier allowed for a better user experience. Not only did this help with the technical side, but it also created more confidence in the company for future changes made.

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