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Who We Are

SEQTEK started in Tulsa, OK in 1999 and has been partnering with companies for over 20 years to create custom software development, implement data integrations, and help deliver digital transformations for our partners. We have grown to Dallas, TX, Kansas City, MO, Austin, TX, Oklahoma City, OK and Houston, TX. Our passion drives our process and communication with our partners. We believe in full transparency before, throughout, and after every project. SEQTEK’S goal has remained the same: Help companies build and use technology to increase efficiency and profitability.  Successful completion is more than getting it done, it is about understanding the problem and providing a solution on time that benefits the organization. We believe in planning the work, and then working the plan.

SEQTEK coined the term "Localshoring®" to help customers understand the ability of finding a partner that is local to their region.

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Sequoyah Technologies (SEQTEK) created this term to define a vocabulary around the benefit of working locally with consulting firms. There are great benefits working with organizations in the same geographic regions so the value provided is not just based on what was said but through a relationship.

Dedicated Product Owners To Focus On Your Project
Shared Communication Channels Will Keep You In The Loop
Weekly or Bi-Weekly Results that Proves Progress

The main difference between Localshoring® and Nearshoring lies in the geographical proximity of the service provider to the client. Localshoring® is the act of outsourcing to service providers within the same country or region, while Nearshoring involves outsourcing to neighboring or nearby countries. Both approaches aim to leverage external expertise while maintaining certain advantages associated with proximity, such as ease of communication, cultural affinity, and potential cost savings



Offshoring: Offshoring refers to the practice of relocating business activities, such as manufacturing, customer support, or software development, to another country, often one with lower labor costs. Companies typically offshore their operations to take advantage of cost savings, access to specialized skills, or to tap into emerging markets. Offshoring commonly involves countries that are geographically distant from the company's home country.

Get The Velocity You Need

Working with SEQTEK has many advantages, here are some of our favorites.


SEQTEK brings expertise in specific areas, allowing you to leverage your knowledge and resources to enhance your own capabilities. By collaborating with SEQTEK, our partners can access specialized skills, technologies, and tools that they may not possess internally. This can lead to the development of innovative solutions, improved product offerings, and more efficient processes.


Projects can get caught in stalemates when resources are short, process are bottlenecked, and communication is floundering. We can help you keep up the velocity and speed needed while helping you implement best practices to keep the project moving forward.


There are many paths that lead to victory. We help our partners innovate bringing different perspectives and capabilities. Collaborating together sparks creativity, new ideas, and drives faster innovation cycles. By combining expertise, we can develop cutting-edge solutions that address emerging market needs and trends.

Shared Knowledge

Don't let your tribal knowledge walk out the door. People who have left companies take all the inner working off the company with them. We partner with businesses to document information, processes, and best practices for shared knowledge. This collaborative environment promotes learning and innovation, allowing people to benefit form expertise and experiences. Partner with a company to make sure your team isn't overwhelmed from disinformation.

Enhanced Product Offerings

Our partners collaborate with us to build products such as apps, integrations, and options. By leveraging the expertise and resources we have available, businesses can enhance their product offerings and provide more robust features to their customers. This helps them keep up with the high demand of customers needs and solve problems more efficiently.

Support Your People

Having a technology partner allows you to offer and enhance support for your teams, customers, and stakeholders. We help eliminate the stresses that come with digital transformation efforts. Give your team back their time, energy, and focus on the day to day needs of the business with help and support from a partner.

Our Leadership Team

We believe that great working culture creates respect on every level and helps in creating better products. We come from different countries and cultures and that’s what make us so united in mission.
Hank Haines
Hank Haines

Chief Executive Officer

Brent Fields
Brent Fields


Dana Dudley
Dana Dudley

Chief Technology Officer

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