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Our passion is helping clients, people, and partners be successful in their digital transformation journey.
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Who We Are
SEQTEK's journey began in 1999 as Sequoyah Technologies, LLC. Our vision is help people modernize business processes leveraging data and technology to drive innovation. Throughout our history we have transformed companies through software development, data architecture design, and building business processes.
Our business is digital transformation.
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What We Do
Companies are changing faster than ever with the advancements of technology. However, its not only technologies that need to change. Culture and change readiness must be maintained to ensure a successful digital transformation. We help eliminate the stresses that come with digital transformation projects and we tailor the experience to your needs.
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How We Do It
We encourage data-driven decision making and strategies. We help collect, analyze, and visualize your data to make more informed decisions. We partner with companies utilizing our Locashoring® model and agile processes. We pride ourselves on collaborating with teams and showing you progress every week and maintain consistent feedback and follow up.
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Our Localshoring® Process

Initial Consult
Initial Consult

Every partnership starts with a conversation. We start by meeting with your team and understanding your business goals. We begin by listening to your company's current position, desired destination, and engaging in a dialogue to discuss options how we can help you reach your objectives.


Our Discovery product, BLAST, helps us gain insight into a customer's business operations and goals. This engagement produces process flow charts, recommendations, architectural designs, and budgetary estimates to identify the current state and target state while providing a roadmap of how we can help you get there.

Partnership Kickoff
Partnership Kickoff

At this point, we understand your business and the targets set forth. We kickoff with our team and your team to assign roles and responsibilities. We discuss how we will communicate, track progress, and create timelines so that all team members have access to the progress of the project. We like to eliminate surprises and communicate often and efficiently.

Weekly Updates and Reporting
Weekly Updates & Reporting

At SEQTEK, we don't make you wait months to see results. Our dedicated teams will report weekly about progress, roadblocks, and metrics. This is where we get to show you progress, rather than tell you about progress. There is a difference between busy and productive. Our weekly updates and reporting ensures productivity over busy.

SEQTEK understands what it takes to successfully transform business with people and technology.


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Worry Less About Your Project

We will sweat the day to day details to get your project to the next level so you can focus on the more important things on your schedule.

Dedicated Product Owners To Focus On Your Project
Shared Communication Channels Will Keep You In The Loop
Weekly or Bi-Weekly Reports To Show You Progress

We Adapt To Your Business... Not The Other Way Around.

With 20+ years of experience, we have worked in multiple industries, frameworks and technologies. We have learned best practices to implement into our clients environment and increased velocity on projects.

We Show You Progress... Not Tell You Progress

There is no waiting months to see results. SEQTEK provides weekly and bi-weekly progress reports that demonstrate the velocity of the project.

Get The Velocity You Need

Working with SEQTEK has many advantages, here are some of our favorites.


SEQTEK brings expertise in specific areas, allowing you to leverage your knowledge and resources to enhance your own capabilities. By collaborating with SEQTEK, our partners can access specialized skills, technologies, and tools that they may not possess internally. This can lead to the development of innovative solutions, improved product offerings, and more efficient processes.


Projects can get caught in stalemates when resources are short, process are bottlenecked, and communication is floundering. We can help you keep up the velocity and speed needed while helping you implement best practices to keep the project moving forward.


There are many paths that lead to victory. We help our partners innovate bringing different perspectives and capabilities. Collaborating together sparks creativity, new ideas, and drives faster innovation cycles. By combining expertise, we can develop cutting-edge solutions that address emerging market needs and trends.

Shared Knowledge

It is essential to retain the knowledge within a company, lest it be lost when someone with valuable experience leaves. SEQTEK partners with businesses to create documented records of their information, processes and practices, allowing for a culture of collaborative growth. This allows people to gain insight from others' experiences and expertise, fostering innovation and protecting team members from being overwhelmed by disinformation.

Enhanced Product Offerings

Our partners collaborate with us to build products such as apps, integrations, and options. By leveraging the expertise and resources we have available, businesses can enhance their product offerings and provide more robust features to their customers. This helps them keep up with the high demand of customers needs and solve problems more efficiently.

Support Your People

Having a technology partner allows you to offer and enhance support for your teams, customers, and stakeholders. We help eliminate the stresses that come with digital transformation efforts. Give your team back their time, energy, and focus on the day to day needs of the business with help and support from a partner.

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