Say Goodbye To Costly Pump Repairs With Machine Learning

Maximize Safety, Lower Costs & Enhance Reliability with AI-Powered Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry


Companies in the oil and gas industry rely on expensive equipment and machines needing an on-site monitoring solution to detect any anomalies that could result in costly repairs. Traditional methods of monitoring these worksites only allow technicians to check in every 24 hours, leaving a large window of time where potential problems could go unnoticed and undiagnosed leading to further damage.


SEQTEK and WellChecked have partnered to provide AI-driven solutions for oil & gas companies to monitor their machines and detect potential problems before they get out of control. Using sound and deep learning software, Seqtek's AI system can detect potential problems in a matter of seconds and provide immediate feedback to customers. In addition, the integration of's object detection technology allows for an even more accurate diagnosis of the issue at hand. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, these systems can learn over time which sounds indicate certain anomalies or malfunctions, increasing in accuracy as time goes on. This innovative solution enables our AI systems to autonomously perform routine inspections that require little or no human intervention, significantly reducing overhead costs while increasing safety in the workplace.


AI-driven solutions present a number of opportunities for oil and gas companies looking to improve their operational efficiency while reducing overhead costs. Through partnerships with leading technology providers, Seqtek and WellChecked, oil and gas companies can leverage state-of-the-art tools designed for automated monitoring which enable them to minimize risk factors while optimizing their resources, benefiting their bottom line. With AI-driven solutions, oil and gas companies can now monitor their machines more effectively and accurately than ever before while saving time, money, and resources in the process. In short, these systems offer an innovative approach to addressing many of the challenges facing today’s oil and gas industry.  

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