Giving Employees the Tools They Need: The Power of Report Embedding

Embedding Reports into Applications for Maximum Productivity


An oil and gas company needed a platform to display reports to engineers in the field. The reports needed to be highly interactive, dynamic and color coded with the ability to be embedded into the company’s application.


Given the requirements of the report, we determined that Tableau was the best platform for the company's needs. Leveraging a combination of SQL views, published Tableau extracts, and refresh schedules we were able to make the report up to date and dynamic. The user could make a change in the report and instantly see their changes take effect. In my humble opinion Tableau is the best solution for reporting when the customer wants every detail color coded and customized. Using Tableau’s wide arrange of customization options we were able to deliver on the specific customizations requested. Finally, when the report was completed, we utilized Tableau’s easy embedded link to place the report into a production application.


The report users were eager to get their hand on the report. It allowed them to focus on their job rather than recording every detail. When the report was complete and embedded into the company application, we received excellent feedback. The users could easily find the pertinent data, it was up to date and any changes made along the way would be reflected. In the end, the reporting tools made available to employees increased productivity, the reduced time needed at job sites, and allowed for accurate and timely reporting of data to customers.


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