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How SEQTEK Helped an Event Rental Company Streamline Inventory Management


A national company that rents out high quality audio/video equipment for concerts, podcasts, etc, turned to SEQTEK to develop a website to integrate with a new inventory management system that SEQTEK would either develop or find. They were using a website that required inventory data to be entered manually one-by-one. This obviously took a massive amount of labor hours, along with a host of problems within their internal processes.

They found it was impossible to always have the correct inventory numbers accounted for. This was a huge problem for the company with double booking their massive customer base. Products would be listed as available, but wouldn’t be as the data hadn’t been manually updated yet. Between the inconsistency, real time availability, and labor hours needed, they were looking for a solution.


Our client trusted SEQTEK to develop a solution to create their website and integrate that with an inventory management system. After extensive research, SEQTEK discovered ‘RentMan’ as a perfect off-the-shelf solution that could integrate with the new website. At this point of the project, SEQTEK had 2 options, creating a custom application or recommending an off the shelf solution that would save money and time. Once the two platforms were integrated, users gained access to order products, make payments, and view tracking details. It created an Amazon style experience for their customer base.


The integrated website ran as an automated inventory management system. In the first quarter of the site being deployed they enjoyed a 35% increase in rentals. They repurposed the labor hours previously used on manual data entries and dedicated them to the business needs. This solution made for a better user experience and eliminated the number of mistakes made with orders. The company's employees are no longer worried about inputting the inventory data constantly. We delivered increased efficiency and built a scalable model for growth.

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