How Mobile Apps Make Working In Remote Areas Easier And More Accurate

Field Data To Headquarters; On Time And Accurate


In the remote desert of Midland, Texas, working on oil rigs is a vastly different experience than what most of us are accustomed to. Engineers and rig workers often find themselves in the middle of nowhere, devoid of reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. This challenging environment makes it difficult for engineers to record and access essential data via their web applications, causing miscommunication, significant financial loss, and frustration among teams. Their best recourse was to rely on cellular data accessed through iPads and other devices, which is where SEQTEK stepped in to provide a solution.


SEQTEK addressed the connectivity and data recording challenges faced by engineers and rig workers by transforming their existing web application into a mobile application. The company developed a robust mobile version of the application, specifically catering to the needs of these professionals. Crafting an easy-to-use customer experience for field workers who aren't digital-first, SEQTEK ensured that the mobile adaptation allowed engineers to use iPads more confidently and conveniently for their work. It was simple, easy to use, and provided accurate data, ultimately satisfying teams. The result was an enhanced data recording experience that eliminated concerns about potential data loss through a Progressive Web App (PWA) system.

Tech Stack:

  • .NET Maui, Xamarin Forms, MySQL, C#, .NET Core, AWS


The introduction of this mobile application yielded substantial benefits for both engineers and rig workers in Midland, Texas, and for the company as a whole. Engineers can now complete tasks at the rig site and trust that the data has made its way back to headquarters. This eliminated the need to make extra calls to ensure data reception, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency. Projects now move quicker, data is much more accurate, and communication between engineers, rig workers, and headquarters is aligned. SEQTEK helped alleviate frustrations, questions, and miscommunication, creating an accurate channel for communication and data.

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