Goodbye Tech Debt, Hello Profitability!

Making Data and API'S Easy


The company had significant tech debt from inexperienced developers building software without an over architecture design or end goal. They didn't have any long-term vision, so they only fixed problems as they came up instead of preventing them. This resulted in a lack of new features and poor performance from their existing ones due to messy code. Moreover, they lacked visibility of their data, making it impossible to determine profitability until after the project was completed. In fact, they weren't making a profit at all.

Solution: Using React with Apollo, Hasura GraphQL engine, and SQL Server

SEQTEK was able to help the company stabilize their legacy application for continued use while also setting up a new tech stack that would be able to handle all future features. Once the company has paid down its tech debt on the legacy system, it will take about 6 months less time to merge applications in total.


The company benefited from new features being developed 6 months ahead of schedule. They had increased confidence in data collection, which positioned them well for new developments. Additionally, reducing tech debt made onboarding new developers easier and improved data prediction scalability and tracking profitability. Lastly, a real-time dashboard was created to show their customer's needs in an efficient and manageable way.

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