Get Your Project Back On Track and Stop Wasting Resources

Get Your Project Back On Track and Stop Wasting Resources


Our client is a leader in the logistics industry. They had an issue completing their custom automation application that was intended to solve their core issues of unorganized data and multiple manual processes. Their issues were a lack of standardized processes in their PMO, software development, and operations. They were dealing with suspended items, delayed product shipments, negative impacts on customer service, and higher processing costs. Our client struggled as they juggled between multiple systems and updating information manually, resulting in time-consuming, error-prone, cumbersome processes. Employees were failing at keeping up with their day to day tasks while also attempting a digital transformation project. They came to the conclusion that they needed to focus on the business and have a partner help transform the business.


We worked with our client to develop a comprehensive understanding of their existing business operations, data, and workflows. We created a current state process flow chart that all departments could agree on. Once we were confident in our understanding of how they ran their business, we designed a roadmap for their digital transformation, aligning with their growth strategy. Using Agile methodology, we kept the client informed throughout the entire process with 2-week sprints, presenting our progress with working code and updates. Implementing 2-week sprints, their project was completed within the proposed timeline and budget. SEQTEK managed the entire project and our seasoned developers partnered with their internal IT team to deliver a finished product on time. This custom application streamlined their multiple processes into one single import process that updates changes in data in real time. As a result, the number of suspended items was reduced, and product shipment delays were eliminated. The automation of these processes liberated our client’s customer service agent's time and as a result, they were able to provide much better customer service to their client base. Employee morale increased significantly during the project as the stress was relieved from them being held accountable for day to day processes in addition to building new processes.


C#. NET, SQL, React, Microsoft Azure, Wrike


The successful launch of their custom automated application produced real-time data visibility and improved data accuracy across their business, resulting in high quality decision making capabilities in resource allocation and customer service. Our client can now identify problematic issues and take corrective actions before cascading negative outcomes across the organization. Our solution freed up our client's customer service agents' time, enabling them to provide better service while realizing FTE savings since the customer service representatives no longer had to manually chase after orders. Additionally, the application reduced the number of suspended items, which were causing significant delays in product shipments. After modernizing our client's internal processes, they could shift their attention to the growth and development of their business, as their project backlog was resolved. Our client gained a competitive edge in their market and enhanced customer satisfaction. To support our client's continued success, SEQTEK continued monitoring and improving the software, providing security updates, and technical support for as long as needed.

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