Creating a Unique User Experience Through UI/UX

Turning Complexity into Simplicity:

How SEQTEK Helped a Leading Healthcare Organization Overcome Its UI/UX Challenges

The Problem

Our client offers data curation and enrichment services for healthcare. Their platform has processed billions of inbound data points and has succeeded in elevating data accessibility and usability for quality reporting, actuarial knowledge, and member/patient engagement.

They had a strong team of back end software developers.
Understanding they had a gap in experienced UX/UI talent, they turned to SEQTEK for assistance. Customers want a user friendly application to interact with and across all industries, the pressure is mounting to improve user experiences. With so many people accustomed to Amazon, Facebook, etc. the expectations for user interface and user experience is growing rapidly. It’s not enough to have a functionally stable application anymore. Now, you must accommodate the engine with the look and feel that your users want. Our client received plenty of positive feedback on their functionality but customer engagement and experience were creating a problem for them.

The Solution

SEQTEK worked with their business analysts to evaluate the situation and worked with internal users to design a UX/UI experience that would meet and exceed their customer experience. The programming languages SEQTEK used to create the application included React, Typescript, Material-UI, and MobX. We integrated with their application in a way that made future changes and edits easily executable without rewriting entire components. We focused on a simple and clean user interface and provided a user experience that allowed the process to flow easily for the user to begin and end their task with ease.

The Outcome

SEQTEK developed an application that exceeded the user’s satisfaction and needs. Users were able to use the application in a simple, easy, and enjoyable way. When working with any application for a large amount of time, it needs to be something that users enjoy interacting with on a daily basis and does not make their jobs harder or more complicated. A UX/UI design blueprint was created for any future applications, so going forward, it could be utilized when needed without any additional construction. We provided them with all documentation and suggestions for future applications so that they were not handcuffed to SEQTEK for more design or development.

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