Bringing in Outside Tech Skills to Close the Gaps

The Problem

Our client had the vision to transform the industry with Rod Lift technology. They were constantly updating their digital transformation to stay ahead of the rest of their industry. They utilized an IOT sensor to collect data from the field but this device lacked the ability to provide the data to its rightful user. There wasn’t an efficient way to present the field data to a user or make decisions from its findings. While this device had the ability to set controls on the well sites, everything had to be done at the well site. For example, turning off the pump could not be done with a simple click of a button, someone had to physically go to the well site in the field. You can imagine the automation that could be achieved to save labor hours. They needed a user-friendly interface that would display clean data and add more functionality for users. They had technology gaps within their internal resources and decided to get an outside view from experts in software development & deployment.

The Solution

Our client trusted SEQTEK to build a cloud based solution to house their data and deliver it to their customers enabling them to make decisions based on their findings. SEQTEK did just that. Our team designed and developed an application with a user-friendly interface by working with users and leveraging our knowledge of UX best practices. Together we decided to use Angular, AWS, MySQL database, .NET, and RabbitMQ to deploy this project. The skillset and industry knowledge to accomplish this task is not readily available for companies to find. SEQTEK has 20+ years of experience in the industry and we were able to bring efficiently, tailor made ideas and solutions to this problem, resulting in an overwhelming success.

The Outcome

The implementation of this solution provided our client with a complete product that delivered the relevant data from their well sites to their customer base. This allowed their customers to make confident decisions based on the data because they were utilizing the new technology that visualized their data and presented it in a clear, concise manner. Also, utilizing RabbitMQ in the Field Gateway helped facilitate the amount of traffic being managed. Customers of our client would ask, “Is my well performing as best as it can?”, and with the application developed by SEQTEK, that question can now be answered accurately.

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