Increase Your Speed To Market While Taking The Stress Off Your Teams

Increase Your Speed To Market While Taking The Stress Off Your Teams


Complex business operations demand intricate quotes for customers. In the competitive world of business, the speed and accuracy of a quote can determine the success or failure of a deal with a customer. After losing major contracts to competitors, the company decided to invest in creating a faster, more aesthetically pleasing, and accurate quote-generating process. A well-structured bid with accurate data, correct language, and an easy-to-follow game plan for the work is imperative. The problem lay in the details: the company relied on a combination of Word documents, Excel tables, and emails to piece together all the relevant information needed. This information was scattered across multiple areas in different applications, making it a time-intensive exercise that sometimes resulted in inaccurate quotes, a lengthy process, and an underperformed customer experience.


SEQTEK partnered with the company, identifying their current state business process. We helped them find bottlenecks, identify hurdles, and provide solutions. The target proposal process combined a PDF generator with a custom-built software application specific to their quotes. This allowed them to select which pages to include in the quote, automatically pull all the necessary data from the application, and perform all the required calculations to generate an accurate, well-organized quote in seconds rather than hours. This complex quote process, which included several variables, factors, and conditions, was simplified down to a custom application that was easy to use and understand for the employees.

Tech Stack

QuestPDF, C#, .NET Core, Angular, AWS


The company significantly benefited from this change. The team saved hours of time per bid, enabling them to focus on other high-priority tasks and customer needs. Their data is now the most accurate it has ever been when generating a quote, directly sourced from the application. This has created a great customer experience with better speed, accuracy, and delivery. Lastly, their bids are aesthetically pleasing and easy to read, giving them a competitive edge when other companies are searching for the right partner. When asked if they think this helped them win more bids, they simply stated, “Absolutely!”

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