How SEQTEK Transformed a Banking Giant with Digital Solutions

Adding Resources to Help with the Workload


Our client is a pioneer in the payment processing industry. They offer multi payment solutions for their customers that include: kiosks, web payments, and mobile options. They developed a proprietary application that supports their platform and has been successful for over 15 years.

Many companies today are experiencing massive barriers in keeping up with their backlog of software tasks, maintaining their current codebase, and working on new projects. Our client was up against another challenge that many companies face; A lack of experienced software resources. They needed a solution to create new features while updating legacy systems into modernized software platforms that are scalable and more efficient. They did not have the resources to support their old system as well as build out a new one.


Our client trusted SEQTEK to build, develop, and deploy a web based platform for their customers. This allowed their current software developers to stay on task with their demanding schedules, backlogs, and requests while SEQTEK took on new feature development. Using Angular 11, Typescript, and C# .NET, SEQTEK built a custom application that the client’s internal team would be able to support.


SEQTEK led the development of this product while keeping costs under budget and delivering the product on schedule. Software developers from all industries are becoming more & more frustrated from maintaining old legacy systems while juggling the stress of having to build new solutions. By partnering together, our customer regained the ability to solely focus on their backlog, & updates to their internal environment.

In addition, as needs come up they have a trusted team to reach out to in SEQTEK. We have delivered multiple projects that provide real value for our customers. They have expressed their comfort in utilizing SEQTEK to build, complete, and exit until they call us back for the next initiative. Our goal is not to hang around. Our goal is to deliver a valuable product.

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